KOREA FOCUS - October 2012 (English)
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KOREA FOCUS is a monthly webzine, featuring commentaries and essays on Korean politics, economy, society and culture, as well as relevant international issues. The articles are selected from leading Korean newspapers, magazines, journals and academic papers from prestigious forums. 

Since its inception in 1993, the journal has served as a foremost source of objective information on Korea, contributing to a broader understanding in Korean society in the international community and promoting Korean studies at academic institutions abroad. It is circulated among major international organizations, universities, libraries, Korean studies institutes and individual researchers in some 150 countries.


Korea Focus - October 2012


- Politics

1. Presidential Candidates Should Reveal Grand Foreign Policy Strategy

2. North Korea’s Economic Cooperation with China and Entry into Capitalism

3. Seoul-Beijing Relations: Yesterday and Tomorrow

4. A Japanese Citizen Testifies Imperial Japan's Brutal Hunting of Korean Girls

5. Koreans Have Never Pardoned Japanese Emperor for War Crimes


- Economy

1. Five-Year Plan for Economic Democratization

2. Deflation Fear in Korean Economy

3. Lesson from U.S. Jury Verdict against Samsung

4. Overregulation in Electronic Commerce


- Society

1. Russian Far East Beckons Korea

2. Tips to Decipher ‘Gangnam Style’

3. Lessons from Five Years of Internet Real Name System

4. Let’s Get Ready to Participate in Mars Exploration


- Culture

1. Return of the Korean Empire Legation Building in Washington, D.C.

2. Hong Myung-bo Leadership

3. Korean Cultural Heritage Deserves More Respect

4. Greater China Region Blogger Falls in Love with Korea

5. Dilkusha


- Essay

1. Comparative Analysis of the Views of North and South Koreans on Unification

2. Korea’s Human Capital Is Faltering

3. The Middle Class Is Losing Confidence

4. Study on Novels Dealing with North Korean Defectors


- Feature

1. Psy Enthralls the World with his ‘Grade B Style’

2. Korean Commander Shoots Hope for Mexico


- BookReview

1. Working Women in the 50s Started their Mornings at Myeong-dong Hair Salons

2. The Geomungo Master Never Played in Windy Weather


- Interview

1. Yoo Seong-ok: “It’s hard to expect the Kim Jong-un regime to last long.” 


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